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Published: 03rd March 2010
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If you've never created a web site before, one of the fastest and easiest way to get the first domain name and business lives just a few minutes to install WordPress on your website.

WordPress is a blog platform that allows you to have pre-built web sites for free, so you focus on projects more important, such as content, if you want, sales and profits.

WordPress profit

Network of more than a decade, I have made literally dozens of sites, many from bottom to top ... but when I found the ease of use and powerful flexibility, Wordpress platform, I built my last and most on this site Content Management System (CMS).

The reason I like the WordPress blog platform, there are many, but I will summarize below has five major benefits:

8. Its Free - You like blogging. You like to share your thoughts with your readers, so why pay for it. is free, unless you want to implement some more features to meet the growing needs of a popular blog, or better blog branding. You can always pay and buy a domain name (I use Godaddy) and webhosting (see why I recommend Dreamhost) in case you decide to switch (like we moved from Blogger to Wordpress).

1. Quick, easy to install - if you have a web hosting company to run your webmaster control panel cPanelX as (many of the more popular web hosting company to do so), then you will find an option in the Control Panel, said, "Fantastico luxury." When you click the Fantastico icon, you'll be taken to a page, you can add a lot of free applications for your site, according to some simple instructions. Just click the link to install WordPress on your WordPress site. The software will ask you some basic information and the public, and then do a full installation of updated Wordpress to the formation of your web site.

2. Theme of the site - very few webmasters to use a generic WordPress theme, Ships and WordPress. WP default theme is pure Jane, and I think, really monotonous. There are many people who design custom WordPress theme, you can easily upload to your domain, change the look and feel of your WordPress site. Some WP theme are paid versions, but most of them are free. More than 1000 loaded directly into WordPress themes site ( / extend / themes /), from which you can choose, even if you're not just limited to the Wordpress theme loaded on the website.

3. Site features - like the WordPress theme, if there are specific features that you want your blog to do, there are programmers who will get there, WordPress plug-ins for you to do the things you want to do it. Nearly 8000 Wordpress plug-ins on the site ( / extend / plugins /), as well as thousands of people are not in the WordPress database. If you find what you want to plug-in, just download, unzip, and upload to the appropriate plug-in directory of your blog. Before you upload plug-in, just go to the field of management blog software activates.

4. Open source - WordPress that has been built on PHP and the source code, we can see who wants to see it. On this basis, WordPress, including detailed documentation and frame of reference, to help programmers who work on WordPress Chinese documents. Every person who has knowledge of PHP programs smallest WordPress themes and plug-ins do not have much energy.

5. Self-renewal - in the latest version, WordPress, including a feature that will let you know whether you can upgrade the operating system or basic WordPress WP plug-ins of your choice.When upgrading, you will be notified, and often you only need to click the link to automatically install upgrades and updates.

11. Freedom from Wordpress Upgrades - An advantage of hosting here is that they take care of all back end upgrades, bug fixes and security issues. So when a new Wordpress version is released, you need not go throught the Wordpress upgrade routine everytime, it is done automatically without any FTP skills required.

12. Automatic Backups - They keep backing up your blog automatically and you need perform daily backups of your blog, just in case your server had a hardware failure.

13. Free Support - Need help to fix an issue or require to take blogging to the next level, the Wordpress forums have lot of active members to guide and provide support.

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